Story Archive

This is our Story Archive - a collection of pieces prepared for, created at or inspired by RWC nights. Thank you to everyone who has shared their work here - we hope you find something you enjoy!

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Dream, Dream, Dream: You wake up from a very vivid dream and realise that something is different

Dream Dream Dream, by Phil

Thesia, by Carolyn

Write a story with the first line and last line provided...

Dinosaur, by Maureen

A story choosing one of the following titles: 'Pills, pastes and potions', 'Mist, murk and Monday morning', 'Whistle while you work'

Pills, Pastes and Potions, by Julie

A Christmas Carol...

Christmas Future, by Maureen

Instructive! write an instruction manual as a story

The Princess And The Vacuum Cleaner, by Julie

My Life in Films write a story loosely based on a film plot - we have to guess which film it is you have based your story on

My Life In Films, by Julie

Write an historical tale...

Blue Eyes, by Julie

Inspired by listening to the opening passage from The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Versus The City, by Phil

A story inspired by a visit to Barrington Quarry

Rugby Cement, by Maureen

Hold the Front Page: Look in the newspapers for an absurd or striking story. Develop it into a fictional story with one crucial twist- put your mother or father in as the protagonist or transfer events to their home.

Red, by Julie

Write an obituary...

Obituary, by Maureen

A story choosing one of the following titles: Thursday morning, 4am: Shoes in the Charity Shop: The Betrayal

Thursday 4am, by Julie

“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.” - Jack Kerouac