RWC members

The membership includes professional writers, new writers, talented amateurs, enthusiasts, and simply people who enjoy the sheer pleasure of putting words onto the page.  The meetings provide a chance for each of us to spend time on something we love doing and to develop our writing in a supportive, friendly and informal atmosphere.

Our committee for 2023/24 was elected at our AGM in September.

Chair: Julie Dore

Treasurer: Rachel Levy

Secretary: Phil Oddy

Meet some of our members!

“The Circle challenges me to write, giving me the dedicated time and space, and with exercises that stretch my abilities. I really enjoy the way we all share stories and love to hear the many and varied tales. Most of all it is a safe space where I can try things out without worrying whether they are good enough. A rare place indeed!”

Chris - joined Jan 2008

“RWC is a fun and relaxed environment in which to enjoy writing amongst friends”

Steve – member for over 10 years

“The group is so friendly that I soon developed confidence in writing.  I totally recommend it!"

Davina - joined around 2006

“I’ve written since my school days, enjoy RWC and love the way we start from the same title and end up with so many different ideas.”

Anne - member for over 30 years!

“The “write on the night” exercises are valuable because they test my inventiveness and can often generate fuller pieces later. I learn as much from the other members’ writing as I do from their responses to my work. Every meeting involves a lot of laughter and I always come away feeling heartened.”

Ali – member for over 10 years

"I am so glad I found people who enjoy the writing of words, and are happy to share them in a caring sharing way"

David - former Treasurer

"Why I love to write?  From childhood I’ve been fascinated with words and their use in conveying feelings, passion, fear, love, joy, etc."

Brian - member for over 5 years 

“I’m not the best writer but I’ve learnt a lot at RWC so maybe I’m a better writer. And no matter how tired I am beforehand, after a RWC meeting I always leave energised and enthused!”

Julie – Chair

"A more diverse group you would be hard pressed to find, but the delight is we get on famously given that we all have a shared passion in words.  Every story, every turn of phrase, every shared exercise - even when the same themes are used - is always unique."

Carolyn – Social Secretary

“In front of you the theme for this month’s meeting, your mind is a blank, you pick up your pen and slowly write something - anything.  You add a few words, then some more, and a story starts to emerge, location, characters, eventually atmosphere too.  It might be dramatic, or spooky, whimsical or serious or maybe it’s downright daft, but suddenly your pen is racing to develop the action and reach the denouement.  That’s our Writers’ Circle, and it’s the best fun – come and join us!"

Maureen - member since 1997