Programme 2023

Programme 2023

At evening sessions we work on a topic - each member writing a piece.  Members read out their work (if they wish) and then we discuss each other's contributions in a positive manner. Occasionally we have evenings where material is prepared in advance, allowing us to share longer pieces.

19 January

WORKSHOP: Farewell Old Friend: You have to get rid of an object you are fond of, e.g. car, shoes, tool, childhood toy/book etc. Try to express your emotions in the imagery of the object you use, describe it, what happened to it and what you did afterwards.

16 February

WORKSHOP: Picture This: Write something inspired by a photograph (Steve and Davina to supply pictures)

16 March


CRITICS NIGHT: Memory : Begin a short story with the line “I thought I would always remember this, but over time it has become blurred”.

20 April

WORKSHOP: Showing and Telling: Using examples practice the art of showing rather than telling (Julie to supply examples)

18 May

WORKSHOP: Bagperson: A bag has been found at the station – what do its contents tell us about the owner? (List of contents supplied on the night)

15 June 

WORKSHOP: Animal Magic: Think of an animal you have observed recently, not a pet but one you have seen, wild or domesticated going about its business, without human intervention. Write in its voice about the thoughts and feelings it is experiencing as it does so. Think about what is driving its actions, motivating it, guiding it.

20 July

WORKSHOP: Cliches for Real: Take one of the following common clichés (or use your own favourite) and write as if it was the literal truth: describe a character who is fat as a cow, skinny as a rail or light as a feather; a fashion model who becomes green with envy; a cardiologist whose heart swells with pride; a banker with a heart of gold.

21 September 

A.G.M.: 7pm-8pm

WORKSHOP: 8pm Call My Bluff: Guess the meaning of words supplied on the night

19 October


CRITICS NIGHT: Lift: 5 different people are stuck in a lift, all have different temperaments, jobs, and hidden stories. Describe how they react to being trapped, and to each other.

16 November 

WORKSHOP: Points of View: You will be given 2 different versions of the opening of a story and then write 1-2 more from different points of view (Julie to bring)

14 December

WORKSHOP: Haikus, Limericks and nonsense poems: Anything you want but it/they must have a Christmas theme. Nibbles will be provided!