Programme 2024

Programme 2024

At evening sessions we work on a topic - each member writing a piece.  Members read out their work (if they wish) and then we discuss each other's contributions in a positive manner. Occasionally we have evenings where material is prepared in advance, allowing us to share longer pieces.

18 January

WORKSHOP: Sounds to Inspire: Sounds will be played in the session and use these to inspire your piece of writing, which can be in any form. (Steve/Julie to bring)

15 February 

WORKSHOP: A Two Hander x 2: Write a scene or a dialogue between two people, prompts for scenario will be given on the night. Then, do it again! (Julie to bring)

21 March


CRITICS NIGHT: Secrets Of The London Underground: Write a story, poem or non-fiction piece inspired by/based on the smallest line on the underground - the Waterloo and City.

See attached links for more details:

18 April

WORKSHOP: Flash!: Write a 100-word story on the night based on one of the following titles, it must have an opening hook, middle and end. 1. Escape To Paradise; 2. Storm In A Soup Bowl; 3. Watcher’s Listen; 4. Just For A Little While; 5. Shadows In The Snow

16 May

WORKSHOP: Habits and Strengths: A character-led exercise. Choose one of the following, or combine them, or do two short tales! A character has a bad habit that ends up getting them into trouble. Or a character finds themselves in a situation needing a strength they do not have. What do they do?

20 June

WORKSHOP: Genre Bending: From the same opening paragraph we will each, randomly, be given a different title that will lead to a specific story genre. We will see how many different places we finish, from the same start! (Julie to bring) 

18 July

WORKSHOP: The Holy Grail: Use aspects of the story of the Holy grail to inspire a new piece of writing, any style. For example, an impossible quest, Holy Grail found in Islington, a knight’s story, what “really” happened to the Grail etc.

2024 AGM - date tbc

19 September

WORKSHOP: Jog Your Imagination! Flex your lexicon, stretch your sentences and pump up your prose with our writing exercises! (Open meeting in association with Royston Arts Festival)

17 October


CRITICS NIGHT: Time Moves On: After a marriage or partnership ceremony... write a scene set fourteen days after the event, then another set months after, and finally one set after fourteen years. Write about a significant happening or reveal aspects of the relationship.

21 November

WORKSHOP: The Power Of Seven: In the night you will answer seven short questions you must then incorporate all seven answers in your piece of writing, however you see fit. (Julie to bring questions)

12 December

WORKSHOP: Three “Xmas” Objects:  An old RWC favourite, with a festive twist. A bag of Christmas themed objects will be passed round at random intervals, in random ways! You must incorporate these into your writing... (Julie to bring)