Programme 2016

At evening sessions we work on a topic - each member writing a piece.  Members read out their work (if they wish) and then we discuss each other's contributions in a positive manner. Occasionally we have evenings where material is prepared in advance, allowing us to share longer pieces.

21 January

WORKSHOP: Tenses: write the same short scene, story or event but do it three times in the past, present and future tenses.

18 February


CRITICS NIGHT: Carnival: this is the theme of Royston Arts Festival this year so write a piece of prose or poem that maybe used in the festival.

17 March

WORKSHOP: Colour Me: Write a story but, randomly, during the writing one of the colours of the rainbow will be drawn out and must be included as imaginatively as possible in your tale before the next colour is drawn! (Julie will have suggested list of titles - upcycled from Flash Fiction last year! - if you need one)

19 April

A.G.M. 7.00-8.00pm

WORKSHOP: from 8.00pm - YUK!: List five things you most dislike touching, then find five adjectives to describe each one (e.g. maggots - slithery, wriggly, writhing). Do the same for your other senses, i.e. smelling, tasting, hearing & seeing.

19 May

WORKSHOP: Bag Person: each member brings a bag of objects (4-5) that give clues to a character we swap bags and compare the result to what the bag’s creator imagined about that person.

16 June

WORKSHOP: Confession: write a death bed style confession, funny, poignant, sad, terrible - you choose!

21 July

WORKSHOP: The Summer's Watch: we all go outside (weather permitting!) and sit for 15 minutes and then come back inside and write inspired by what we saw, felt, heard etc.

15 September

WORKSHOP: It’s So Clichéd Darling!: Choose a cliché and write an argument against it, using real or imaginary examples. Then write the same idea in a new way. There will be a list to choose from on the night or you can use your own favourite! (Julie to provide)

20 October


CRITICS NIGHT: The Big Conversation: A story or scene told only in dialogue between two people e.g. like a screen play. Choose one of the following titles: "Supermarket Supper"; "Woman in a Spin"; "I’ll Kill That Bloody…..!"; "The Wrong Turning"; "Hope Used To Spring Eternal".

17 November

WORKSHOP: Opening Lines: a selection of opening lines will be given on the night and we will all use same one or randomly choose different ones (Julie to provide)

15 December

WORKSHOP: Pass It On: The ever popular "Pass The Paragraph" with a Christmas twist!!

Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most

valuable.” - Francis Bacon