Programme 2019

At evening sessions we work on a topic - each member writing a piece.  Members read out their work (if they wish) and then we discuss each other's contributions in a positive manner. Occasionally we have evenings where material is prepared in advance, allowing us to share longer pieces.

17 January

WORKSHOP: There’s Something In The Air…: Observe the qualities of the air in three distinct locations: in woodland or field, in a car, near a factory.  Write a paragraph about each in the style of a wine critic (i.e. channel your inner Oz Clarke/Jilly Goolden).

21 February


CRITICS NIGHT: Horrid Histories: you find a diary of an historical figure and you discover that the history books have it all wrong! Write down what you found and how it differs from the accepted history.

21 March

WORKSHOP: Pass The Parcel: An old RWC favourite, objects that will be passed round randomly as you write. (ALL to bring  2-3 everyday objects to go in the lucky dip bag. Julie has passing instructions)

18 April


A.G.M.: 7.00-8.00pm

WORKSHOP (from 8.00pm): Words: short pieces based on single word prompts. (Julie to bring words)

16 May

WORKSHOP: Royston Arts Festival: Our Planet: This year’s RAF theme is “Our Planet” with the committee particularly keen to focus on the environment and the challenges facing "Our Planet" and its climate. Tonight is a chance to start a piece of writing, fiction or non-fiction, to tie in with the festival.

20 June

WORKSHOP: Fame: you meet a celebrity – tell the story twice, first from your point of view and then from theirs.

18 July

WORKSHOP: Talk, Talk: Write the internal dialogue of a person waiting for.… you will find out on the night. (Julie to bring brief)



19 September

WORKSHOP: A Room: Write a piece about entering a room. Sounds simple eh? But so much to consider! Who, why, what!?!

17 October


CRITICS NIGHT: Story Time – Gender Free: We always identify our characters as male or female, but do we need to? So, write a story but never use the pronouns she, he, him or her - only they, no obvious male or female names, and a veto on obvious gender references like skirt or giving birth. NB: There will be fines!

21 November

WORKSHOP: Torn Up Faces: Pictures of faces cut into 2 or 3 pieces and we will describe character from one part and see how it fits when the face is reassembled. (ALL to bring a couple of picture of faces that have been either cut in 2 or 3 pieces)

5 December?


12 December

WORKSHOP: Seasonal Tale: It’s the first time you’ve seen snow. But why does it make you cry?

Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” - Francis Bacon