Programme 2022

At evening sessions we work on a topic - each member writing a piece. Members read out their work (if they wish) and then we discuss each other's contributions in a positive manner. Occasionally we have evenings where material is prepared in advance, allowing us to share longer pieces.

20 January

WORKSHOP: Feelings: Write a description of a place or everyday event from the perspective of a person who has just learned something terrible.... Then describe the same place or event but, this time, the person has just had fantastic news.

17 February


CRITICS NIGHT: Talking Heads: Write a monologue developing the voice of one of the following people: fitness fanatic; disillusioned nurse; bored but clever student; jovial social climber; music-loving dentist.

17 March

WORKSHOP: Complaining!: You will write a letter of complaint and then swap with another member who will write a reply before we share them with the group (however there will be an added twist to this exercise!)

21 April

WORKSHOP: Pass it On: An old, old favourite returns – write a paragraph and pass it on to the next person until the tale is done. There will be an Easter theme/opening line.

19 May

WORKSHOP: Mirror Universe: Playing with characters! (Julie to bring exercises)

16 June

WORKSHOP: Memories: Describe one of the following: your first brush with danger; the first time you defied your parents; your first great loss; your first all-nighter; your first artistic expression.

21 July

WORKSHOP: Cliches for Real: Take one of the following common clichés (or use your own favourite) and write as if it was the literal truth: describe a character who is fat as a cow, skinny as a rail or light as a feather; a fashion model who becomes green with envy; a cardiologist whose heart swells with pride; a banker with a heart of gold.

tbc August

SOCIAL EVENING: To be arranged by a willing volunteer. Likely to involve a trip to the pub.

15 September (7.00-10.00)

A.G.M.: 7.00-8.00pm

WORKSHOP: Word Play: Playing with word chains. (Julie to start)

20 October


CRITICS NIGHT: Changing Rooms: A building is now used for a very different purpose, or something significant happened there – write about your character(s) who know about its history and cannot stop thinking or feeling about it and how this then affects their actions.

17 November

WORKSHOP: Inkblot: Look at a picture of an inkblot(s) and then write a narrative based on what you see. (Julie to bring)

15 December

WORKSHOP: Film characters: Think about your favourite film character (or Xmas film character?) and be prepared to explore them in a variety of ways!

Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” - Francis Bacon